Alastair Kwan

Artist & filmmaker

RCA 2021 and PROXY at Cromwell Place
23-27 June 2021


There were two exhibitions at the end of my MA at the Royal College of Art. The first was an online show which can be found at the link above. The second was a show called PROXY held at Cromwell Place, London

23-27 June 2021

The photos below are installation shots of two pieces I exhibited. They are tied together by an interest in tracing colonial architecture and histories. Often the work came about from serendipitous encounters with these narratives in different parts of the city that caught my eye. The series brings together a growing personal collection of textures taken from environments that I come across day to day living in London. They visibilise my personal experiences as a British-Born Chinese artist, growing up in the UK.

1.(Left) As I Walked Out (LGvsa89uCk) (2021)
Digital print on paper
238 x 91 cm

2.(Right) Objects from the banks of the Thames (2021)
Rice bag, shovel, sand, digital print on paper,
rope, metal, wood
Dimensions variable