Alastair Kwan

Artist & filmmaker

Invsible Borders is a collaboration bewteen the Royal College of Art Walkative Society and students from the Nuremberg Academy of Fine Arts under Susanne Kohler. As co-director of the Walkative Society, I worked with Susanne and colleagues from the RCA, to organise and take part in an digital exchange which took place over the winter of 2020/2021. The project focusses on connecting through live performance and moving image work, and consisted of workshops, seminars and culminated in two exhibitions.

Exhibition dates:

Akademiegalerie Nürnberg, Hauptmarkt 29, 90403 Nürnberg
11.03.21 - 21.03.21

Kurt Kurt Gallery, Berlin
11.02.21 - 14.02.21

Exhibition photos:


Walking around the Permeter of a Tennis Court in an Exagerrated Manner (After Bruce Nauman)
Duration 21 minutes 5 seconds

The Explorer (Work in progress)
Duration 5 minutes 30 seconds