As I Walked Out is a series of prints of my growing personal collection of colonial textures in London. They were serendipitous encounters with colonial architecture, whilst out and about that caught my eye. They are collections of fragments of the experience, that are then roughly ordered by size and coherence by 3D software. Towards the top they are detailed and larger, but as the image progresses downwards, they become smaller and less legible, until they finally become uniform swatches of colour. The first of the series (LGvsa89uCk) was exhibited at the RCA Sculpture graduate show ‘PROXY’ at Cromwell Place in June 2021.

They have been digitally printed in editions of 3 and available for purchase, they are sold unframed, but framing can be arrange for an additional cost.

1. As I Walked Out (LGvsa89uCk), 2021 (238cm x 91cm)
2. As I Walked Out (soudgXEzlo), 2021 (241 x 91cm)
3. As I Walked Out (CGgStced46), 2021 (136 x 91cm)

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